About Us

Swisscham-Africa is a bi-national, multinational private sector, non-profit association with a number of Swiss and African members hoping and willing to develop growing business between individuals and companies in a great number of Countries in Africa and Switzerland (read more under Mission)

The association is domicilated at the
Handelskammer beider Basel (Chamber of Commerce of Basle)
St. Jakobs-Strasse 25, 4010 Basel Schweiz

The Chamber exists since 1996 but under various names, domiciles and different focuses but with similar targets.

Swisscham-Africa is widely recognized as a key player in advancing Africa-Swiss economic relationships. As an independent organization, the Chamber co-operates with many public and private institutions that pursue similar goals.

Swisscham-Africa can present facts and figures about the present situation in Africa which are based on our local experience, our network and sources like WTO (World Trade Organisation), EBCAM (European Business Council for Africa and the Mediteraneen) and international papers focusing on Africa like e.g. the Washington Post etc.

Swisscham Africa can help in the development of new markets in Africa

Swisscham-Africa is the Swiss African Chamber of Commerce for Trade and Investments for Swiss Companies and Institutions promoting Trade and Investments in African Countries, but also for African Companies promoting Trade in Switzerland and Europe.

As the private sector plays a key role in the economical development of African Countries Swisscham-Africa can help small and medium companies in Switzerland to develop new markets in Africa which creates a potential for additional sales and increased profitability.

Our Mission is based on a Four Pillars Concept.

  1. We provide you access to our enormous know-how and even more important to our practical experience made on ground in the various African countries.
  2. We can help you in the intial phase of a project and final execution of a project. In specific Countries (e.g. Nigeria, Ghana etc.) we can register your company, set-up the basic infrastructure and hand it over as a «turnkey project» to you.
  3. We maintain a substantial network (Embassies, Various Associations etc.) in Switzerland and Africa where you can benefit directly.
  4. We inform our members with Newsletters and keep this website ready with meaningful information.


Peter Hartmann (President)Andreas Schweizer (Deputy President)Alfred Spinnler (Vice-President)Alois Heller (Vice-President)Joseph Lenherr (Vice President)Claude Béglé (Vice President)Guy Mettan (Vice President)


PH passed his whole carreer in logistics. Started as a forwarding agent in Basel, Geneva and London.
As from 1976 Traffic Manager with a Canadian Multinational in Fribourg.
From 1991 to 2001 Managing Director of a ship’s agent in Zurich, representing shipping companies like Hamburg-Sued, Safmarine, CSAV, APL etc.
From 2001 to 2004 founder and director of the Swiss office of CMA-CGM in Basel.
As from 2004 comittee member and from 2014 president of Swisscham-Africa.


15 years in Nigeria as CEO, Chairman of Roche Nigeria Ltd., later swipha.
Set-up of local production.
Holder of Nigerian citizenship.
2 Chieftaincy titles. Many Awards received e.g. Gold Award For Enterpreneurial Excellence in West-Africa etc.
Consultant Westafrica. Boardmember of Geberit Nigeria Ltd. etc.
Published book about Contemp. Art in Nigeria and Ghana.

Portrait Alois Heller


Top Mgr and Board Member of different International Companies with all functions of responsibility during many years of stay.
Buying and selling of many companies. Organization of many leader seminaries in these companies.
Board Member of different Swiss Associations, Groups and Clubs; great Swiss military experience; Ground knowledges in a producer company of electrical switchgears, an importer company of cars in Geneva and England, a trading company of chemical raw materials.
Travelling through the most Countries of the whole World as a mgr or a professional-pilot.


Computer: All usual Microsoft programms
Languages: German (native), English (fluent), French, Italien and Spanish intermediate (not too much experience).

Dynamic, entrepreneurial and result oriented line manager. Highly international profile. A strategic thinker with a global vision, able to translate the latter into action with a focus on delivering results. A leader and federator, structured with strong sense of priorities. A seasoned negotiator, at ease in complex business and regulatory situations. Successfully completed numerous acquisitions and their subsequent integration. Innovative and used to steering change management. At ease both in a corporate and SME environment.
Excellent communication skills. multilingual and multicultural. Possesses an in-depth knowledge of the service and consumer goods industries.
Also a politician with a strong sense of corporate social responsibility. Able to balance macro/political considerations and micro/business efficiency. Very familiar with public policy, regulatory aspects and PPPs.
Strong engagement in favor of energy saving and environmental programs. Current Member of the Swiss Parliament, also member of the parliamentarian foreign affair commission.

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